Flagler Beach

Worth a detour off the interstate


Flagler Beach, Florida, is about an hour or so drive south of Jacksonville and about a half-hour drive north of Daytona Beach.  The town is a rare throwback to the vintage days of Florida tourism, when small mom and pop establishments were more the norm than widely recognized chain franchises. Here, kitschy beach shops, mom and pop motels, and casual ocean view restaurants with outdoor roof decks line a two-lane stretch of coastal highway A1A. Adding to the nostalgic character of Flagler Beach is an iconic landmark fishing pier that features the town’s name in large block letters to all who approach from the north and from the south.

IMG_1074Flagler Beach Pier

As for the beach scene itself, the area is distinctive for its orange-hued sands which provide a colorful contrast with the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  Surfing and fishing are also popular past times here.  Laid-back and flip-flops casual, the town makes for a very nice day-trip or even just a worthwhile detour off the interstate.  Conveniently, Flagler Beach also happens to be the closest accessible beach to Interstate 95 anywhere along the East Coast, and parking spots along the beachfront are free!

IMG_1124Flagler Beach
IMG_1121Flagler Beach
IMG_1066BFlagler Beach
IMG_1141bFlagler Beach
IMG_1069Flagler Beach
IMG_1143Flagler Beach
IMG_1064b.JPGA kitschy gift shop sits across the street from the beach in Flagler Beach.

3 thoughts on “Flagler Beach

  1. The sand is so yellow! It’s amazing how diverse the beaches you feature here are. I’ve just started a photo blog myself and I’m on a beach trip right now! I’m looking forward to sharing some of my own pictures. I’ve just followed, keep it up!

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    1. There’s quite a great deal of diversity among the beaches here in Florida. The Gulf Coast generally has the whitest. I think the Jacksonville area has the nicest on the East Coast. Along Florida’s East Coast you can find beaches that look white, gray, yellow, orange, pink, tan, or brown depending on where you go. What beach are you at? Enjoy your stay.

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      1. That is so amazing! I’ve always wanted to visit Florida, especially of recent. Knowing that the beaches there are so diverse make me want to go there even more.
        Thanks, I am at Seaside Heights in New Jersey, which is like my childhood beach. It’s so great to be back because I hadn’t visited in a while!


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