Siesta Key

Where the sand and sunsets are extra special

Just southwest of Sarasota, along Florida’s Gulf Coast, beautiful Siesta Key is famous for sand that feels incredibly soft under bare feet.  In fact, Siesta Key routinely appears on “best beaches” lists in various publications in large part because of this unique quality.  While there are many nice beaches along the Gulf Coast, none match the distinctive feel of Siesta Key Beach, and that feature alone makes it well worth the visit.

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Of course, soft sand is not Siesta Key’s only standout quality.  Sunsets are an “event” here, not just a natural occurrence.  Whether prayer circles or drum circles, romancing couples or playful families, many people come out to the beach well after what would normally be considered peak beach hours to behold God’s spectacular, awe-inspiring, evening artwork.

Adding to Siesta Key’s allure is the fact that it feels much more residential than touristy, while still embracing tourists.  The Siesta Key skyline has many mid-rise condo buildings and nice homes,  but it isn’t dominated by high rises.  Hotels are also not as plentiful as they are in more popular beach destinations like St. Pete Beach and Clearwater.  Siesta Key is also not a “party beach” (despite the controversial decision to allow MTV to film a reality show there).  Instead of being known for rowdy beach bars, Siesta Key has its own  popular “village” of restaurants and shops located just a short walk from the beach.

I have only visited Siesta Key twice, but it has a very special place in my heart.  Back in 2001, my wife and I chose Siesta Key as our romantic honeymoon destination.  We actually stayed on the Intracoastal side, in a private waterfront suite at the Turtle Beach Resort. We loved exploring the area, but inclement weather during our stay kept us from really being able to appreciate Siesta Key’s sand and sunsets.  We finally got to return to Siesta Key with our children in 2016, and the sand and sunset were fantastic!  The photos on this blog were taken in November of 2016.



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